Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pirate Metrics Marketing Report: Acquisitions

Pirate Metrics isn’t just designed to report new Acquisitions, or display when a user activated his account. Sure, that’s a big part of what we do, but offering specific advice on ways to increase revenue is what we’re really about.

Our marketing report feature generates a graph using your Acquisitions, Activations, Retentions, Referrals and Revenue. Then we search for patterns in your users’ behavior, and offer steps you can take to increase your revenue. 


For a SaaS product, an Acquisition is typically defined as a new user signup. In this sample image, we’re showing Acquisitions, Activations, Retentions and Revenue for one year. We’ll cover Referrals in a future blog post. In addition, we’re displaying 52 points of data, which correspond to each week of the year.

Displaying the data in this way makes it easy to track how your user activity has changed over a year, as well as seeing which weeks were better or worse for Acquisitions, Activations, Retentions, Referrals and Revenue. 


By clearing the Activations, Retentions and Revenue filters, we can focus on just the Acquisitions for the same time period. We see Acquisitions spike in both May and June, which likely correlate to effective marketing activities performed during that time.

Focusing your efforts on marketing activities that result in higher numbers of Acquisitions is a good first step to generating more revenue. However, it’s not enough to simply acquire new uses. New Acquisitions need to use and like your product before they’re going to pay for your service.

Pirate Metrics makes it obvious which users are using your service, and which need help to get started. Our marketing report will tell you which users haven’t started using your service yet, enabling you to provide timely encouragement to new users who may be having difficulty.


Our next blog post will dig into Activations a bit more, and we’ll talk about specific ways Pirate Metrics can help you convert your Acquisitions to active, engaged users.