Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pirate Metrics Marketing Report: Activations

New Acquisitions are a good sign users are interested in your product, but Activations are the best first step toward generating more Revenue. Activated users are more likely to stick around, continue using your service and pay you. In any given week, the closer your Activations match your Acquisitions, the better your product is converting signups into active and engaged users.

Converting your Acquisitions into Activations is the first step to increasing subscription-based revenue. Our marketing report makes it easy to understand the path your users take from Acquisition to Revenue.

We chart your user activity, and then provide analysis on what’s happened that week, making it easier for you to concentrate on increasing your Activations, Retentions and Revenue. 


Each data point displays user activity for that week. For example, hovering over Activations for a week also shows Acquisitions, Retentions and Revenue. 


Understanding the path your paying users take from Acquisition to Revenue is important to identifying outliers and making sure they stay on this path. Our marketing report identifies potential outliers, allowing you to take necessary steps to convert Acquisitions into happy, paying users.

In this example, the average activation delay was lower than the week following, and much lower than the week following that. Acquisitions for this week Activated much more quickly than the following two weeks. 


Knowing that users from a certain week activated more quickly than usual is interesting, sure, but what can you do with this information? Did you run an email campaign that week, or contact each new Acquisition personally? Pirate Metrics takes the guesswork out of tracking how well your marketing efforts are paying off based on your product’s typical Activation delay.


Our marketing report also identifies Acquisitions who should have Activated but haven’t, based on your product’s typical Activation delay. These users may need more help getting started with your product, and by identifying who they are, Pirate Metrics will help you increase your Activation rate.

By focusing your efforts on marketing activities that convert Acquisitions into Activations more quickly, you’ll be ready to focus on the next step in creating long-term paying users: Retentions.

In our next blog post, we’ll go over what Retentions are, and how Pirate Metric’s marketing report can help you identify Activated users who are no longer using your product, and are in danger of jumping ship.