Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pirate Metrics Marketing Report: Retentions

Are you eager to improve your web application marketing efforts in the new year? Never fear! Pirate Metrics is here to help.

Continuing our overview of our marketing report, today we’re talking about Retentions.


A Retention is a user who continues to use your product beyond the week in which they Activated. It’s great for people to sign up and try your product, but you can’t realistically expect users to pay every month for a service they only used once.

The key to making more money with your web application is to get your Activations to continue using your product. Retentions are the best sign that Activated users are interested in your product.


You can learn a lot of interesting information about your Retained users from your marketing report, most notably which of your Retentions are most active. If you’re thinking about offering a special promotion, or inviting a select group of users to try a new feature, your most active users are a great place to start. Contacting these users with exclusive deals is a great way to convert users who like your product into brand champions who will actively promote your product, and drive more Acquisitions.

Our next blog post will talk about the specific steps you can take to increase your subscription Revenue. See you then!


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