Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Come sail the seven seas! (as our guest)

We’ve had several requests for a product tour, and we decided to go one better. What if you could actually log in to Pirate Metrics and see what it could do for your web app marketing efforts? We like being able to try something ourselves, and odds are good you feel the same way!

This week, we’ve rolled out a new feature that allows you to log in as a guest and interact with a sample project. The sample data is based on how we use Pirate Metrics for DocRaptor, our HTML to PDF API. 

The way it works is simple. We generate sample data, complete with Activations, Acquisition, Retention, Referral and Revenue events. Then we populate the dashboard and generate a Marketing Report based on that data. This is a good estimation of how Pirate Metrics behaves with a live project.

You can log in to our guest account with these credentials:

Email address:

Password: guest

What do you think? Our goal is to make something more useful than a simple product tour, and provide an easy way to dive in and see the kind of insight Pirate Metrics can provide for web applications.